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This month exhibition at Artcadia Christine Matthäi:

The Power of Blue

I was inspired by an innovative new show at the Nassau County Museum of Art at Roselyn

Harbor, NY. The exhibition taps into the many meanings of the world’s most popular color Blue.

Joining the ranks of many of my fellow artists throughout history, I was often compelled to

explore the mystical color of blue in my work. The vastness of blue like in dreams draws one into

unknown spheres of the psyche, mesmerizes and invites to linger longer. The history of blue is

ancient yet its always new. The serenity of a blue sky, the tranquil blue sea, shimmering and

lustrous, safe and relaxed, sometimes aloof and forlorn. The wide spectrum of blue, it reassures,

commands, it draws in and casts its spell.

Using different shades of blue in my work, portraits certain moods at different times. Blue is the

space holding the content which are abstracted metaphors for my emotions, intuitions or

references of particular memories. The images are reveries, windows of moments in time and

my place in it.

Christine Matthäi


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