April 19, 2018

David Mildner

Vernissage "Jack The Rabbit Is Sold", 

27.04.2018, 18.30h , Pohlstr. 58, 2. Hof - Loft 4


The Exhibition


In his large-format works, David Mildner examines diff erent form of communications, paths through unseen structures and tools and devices to that end. Here he places the dynamics between the workds and it’s observer at the centre, thereby challenging and provoking both himself as the artist and the observer in their mode of empathetic self-conception, but without losing the analysis of this act. David Mildner is an artists that remains in control of these experiments and purport the entire experimental arrangement. „In my works, I try to create a timeless psychological projection surface on which mental non-places emerge through a concentrated convergence of worlds and ideas.“ It is in these mental nonplaces or non-worlds where his works ultimately manifest themselves to the beholder.



The Artist


After initial studies in Hamburg and many years a working artist,

David Mildner attained his Meisterschüler at the UdK Berlin Micheal Müller. Most recently David Mildners works have been shown in Hamburg, Kattowitz and Berlin.



The Location


This Hinterhof-location of the film production designer Stephan Hingst is a little insider’s hot spot in Berlin. Not far from Potsdamer Straße, this location has not only seen the likes of Daniel Brühl and Karolina Kurkova in front of the camera, but is regularly hosts exhibitions, literary salons, book presentations and ramapant festivities.