PORTRAITS by Tina Winkhaus

Portraits framed behind glas


Tina Winkhaus traces her figures to the field of love, whose bodies begin to speak and populate as friendly dogs, pregnant women with masculine hands and large eyed children with guns. It floats and sinks simultaneously and always involves a generally binding definition of a person.

There is always something “different”; here beauty is tugging at irritation, and connects itself to Winkhauses portraits as brilliant and glamorous illustrations with strange details, revealing, developing, ensnaring: a family portrait that could have originated from Art Deco, but this is in Texas, rhinoceroses that look like maps of the world, a seated dancer that resembles a noble wooden sculpture.
Persistency , endurance , to be-“at this moment” One will probably feel that this portrait is part of a breaking of taboos.

Whoever is being portrayed by Winkhaus knows that “ something happens” to them. He will see himself as different, equal, frightening, evocative, moving, true and beautiful.A determination for a moment of eternity. Manipulative , purchasable, being ones self.
Winkhaus is classic photographer at this interface, who is executing an assignment.
The customer is being portrayed ,but only in the way that Tina Winkhaus views him.
The artist is being paid for her endeavours but reserves the right to use the portrait in an exhibition.
The person who commissioned the painting receives the other unique copy and in the true meaning of the word:
The Photo of his life.

The mentined price includes the following items, incl. tax.:

Shoot 1 day
Preparation 2 days
Assistent / 2 days
Make up & hair / 1 day
Styling / 2 day
Stylingrent / day
Framing with mormal glas

Shipping / Berlin


Deliverytime 4 weeks

Each picture is first discussed with the family members, also the place,
where it might be at the end, is visited, if wanted.



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